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I Am Now A Full Time Entrepreneur

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I cannot believe that I am a full time entrepreneur. .  .

I have always known that this day would come but I pictured it being a little different. I pictured myself a little older, turning in my two weeks notice, bursting with so much excitement because it was finally “time”. Time for me to fully walk in my purpose, time to go to the next level in my life, time to finally have my moment. I knew that when the “time” was right God would let me know and the transition would be smooth sailing. Wrong.

In my spiritual walk with God I’ve realized a couple of things: 1) Just because God plans to give something to us does not mean that it will always be sunshine and rainbows. 2) You have to have faith (especially when it comes to following your purpose) and the ability clearly hear God and act accordingly. Let me repeat number two: “You have to have faith and the ability to hear God and act accordingly.” It was because of these two things that I was able to discern that it was “time” and it is because of these two things I have the “time” to write this blog post.

Here is my crazy yet somewhat amazing story .  . . 

Breyana are you listening? It’s me! God..

If you really know me then you know that I can be a bit.. urmm.. hard headed. It is one of my key traits and it is also one of my most lovable ones. For two years, I was blessed with an amazing job that provided me with: good money, a lot of paid time off, prestige (this was a well known health care company), amongst other things. In spite of all of this I was still working on my business because 1) this is my calling and 2) this is not where I pictured myself 5-10 years down the road. I had the realization (and now that I think about it.. confirmation) that this is not where I pictured myself long term last year. This job wasn’t aligning with my goals, my co workers were driving me crazy, and I had lost the motivation to go to work. What is so significant is that my first year of service there was the complete opposite.. I loved it (pay attention to this part of the story because it’s important). 

“You have to have faith, the ability to hear God, and act accordingly.”

—Breyana Rogers

It is important to note that I am a person who can withstand a lot of spiritual and mental pain so somehow I was able to put up with all of this crap for a whole year and it ended up being worth it (keep reading). Last year, as I was going through this, I kept getting signs from God telling me that it was “time” (much how I did when he told me to start my business.. it’s crazy because I just got this revelation). He would speak to me through strangers, my friends and family, I would see articles, quotes, and stories on social media.. and I would still ignore it. Why? Because I was comfortable. Although I was going through pure hell at my job my flesh always told me that I had it made, especially for my age, at this job. So spiritually, I was receiving what God told me but in the flesh I was thinking from a worldly perspective. 

Some may think that I blocked my blessings and others may think I am about to say that I blocked my blessings. Well both conclusions are wrong. Listen to this, because I wasn’t being obedient and taking the leap like he told me to.. he pushed me. Yes, you read that right, he pushed me. Physically and spiritually. This year in January (what would’ve been my third year if I stayed) my entire department got fired. The entire department y’all. Not one.. not two.. but everyone. From the director to the rest of the workers. 

Was I upset? No. Was I angry? No. Was I relieved, happy, and filled with the Holy Ghost? Yes. How you ask? Because God set me free. Weeks before then on separate occasions my mom, myself, and my husband prophesied on everyone being fired so I already knew what was coming (and that was God’s wrath because there were some things that were going on that were unbelievable). Everyone was filled with sadness, sorrow, and tears but me on the other hand, I walked in there like a ray of sunshine collecting all of my belongings off of my desk HAPPY (isn’t it nice to confuse demons?). The very next day I received a call that I was clear to start my job as a Visual Merchandiser (a job that I have been dreaming about for quite some time). 


Some Things Are Only With You For A Season . .

I started my job as a Visual Merchandiser in February of this year and I left this month. It isn’t like me to leave so soon, but I left because I felt the exact same way I did at my previous job..except this time it felt a little bit different. I felt that I learned everything that I needed to learn, that I am now equipped to run my business efficiently, and the experience has humbled me greatly. I appreciate the opportunity because I learned so much in so little time. It’s actually amazing because the Holy Spirit just revealed to me that he put me in a fast pace environment so that I could learn quickly and learn how to think quickly and efficiently (only those who know me know the significance of me being put in a fast pace environment). It’s been a year full of twist and turns but I thank God for it all. 


Call Me Ms. Entrepreneur . .

I have only been a full time entrepreneur for two days but there is one thing that I know.. this was well deserved and I don’t plan on going back. When I called my job and told them that I quit I felt a range of fleshly emotions: uncertainty and fear of the unknown but I also felt a spiritual one..peace. Today is my first day working for myself and I can’t explain how much joy and happiness that it brings me. I am determined with all of the power in me to build something great.. something monumental. Cheers to a new beginning and I cannot wait to share my journey and wisdom with all of you. 


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Styledbybreyana Now Offers FREE and (Soon) Overnight Shipping!

New Year, Same Us..Well..Kind of…

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A new year, most often than not, brings forth new changes. A new year also creates an opportunity for us to try out new ideas and routines. With that being said, we are excited to announce our own new change (and our first of many changes) for the 2019 calendar year. We have decided to offer all of our customers and clients free shipping (no minimum order amount) on most purchases under 2 lbs. Please be assured that all of our original policies such as: next day shipping on every order and a $5 off coupon towards your next purchase (if we do not ship your order the very next day) will still remain in place. For more information on our shipping policy please click here.


Our Reason For This Change

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If you know nothing about our brand you should definitely know that we embrace and welcome change in all aspects of our platform. We love it. We breathe it. We are it. 

We decided to implement this change to better serve our clients. If you haven’t noticed, shipping prices in the online retail space are steadily increasing with the average shipping price being $6 (USPS) and $7 for ground shipping (UPS). 

As a Fashion Stylist who handles budgets for clients and someone who loves shopping (and saving money), shipping prices have a direct impact on my personal purchases and my clients purchases collectively. I want to ensure that I (as well as my clients) are getting a “bang for our buck” and I don’t see that being a reality if a good portion of the money is going toward shipping costs (its bad enough that we have taxes on the item as well).

So with all of that in mind, we decided to eliminate shipping costs for our brand unless the customer prefers overnight shipping which will be available on our website for $18 in the near future. We feel that this change closely aligns with our mission statement “changing the world one closet at a time” and with our overall goal which is to make every woman feel beautiful without over drafting her bank account.


More Changes To Come

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As stated before we are looking to change more things to make our brand the best that it can be, but for now this is our stepping stone. We hope you like and take advantage of this new service.. and as always we appreciate any feedback that you may have. When you invest in us, we invest right back into you. 

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Warmest Regards,


Women + Men’s Online Boutique & Styling Service





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Welcome To Styledbybreyana’s Blog!!! A Brand That Is Changing The World

It has been awhile since I last blogged. Why? Because I overthink a lot and I could not decide what I wanted to talk about first… SO, I decided to talk about myself as well as my brand (just to give those who do not read the biography on my website insight. Fun fact: while I was proofreading I noticed that I put website and insight beside each other. Isn’t that fun to say?! Anyway moving on!).


Well to start off my name is Breyana Rogers and I am the founder of a fabulous brand called Styledbybreyana. Styledbybreyana is an online retail and fashion styling company designed to cater to women who want to create a fashion forward appearance while maintaining her class. Our mission/goal is to give women that healthy balance between attractive and modest, trendy and trendsetter, value and affordability.

What differentiates us from our competitors is that we are a small business with a tight connection with our clients, customers, and community. How so? Weekly we get involved with our Styledbreyana community (aka our social media followers!) through events we host like #fashionfriday and #stylecrushwednesday. In addition to that, we offer free fashion, financial, and career advice to the subscribers on our exclusive email list (you can sign up for our email list here). When the holiday season approaches we give back to our community by giving away free clothing/shoes/accessories and offering free styling sessions and/or makeovers to willing participants and local homeless shelters. We are extremely interactive with our followers and non followers on all social media outlets and use our platform to allow them to have a voice. We also have a quick customer service response time (all questions are typically answered within the same day and if not you will definitely get a response the next day!). In short, our brand has a lot of personality and is all about having fun.

Some of the other perks that we have are: free shipping on most orders & next day shipping on all orders and you have access to your own little squad composed of like minded men + women who enjoy fashion, entrepreneurship, and overall great vibes just as much as you when you decide to join our email list and follow us on social media (@styledbybreyana). I hope this gives you a better understanding of who we are and what we do. I also hope that you decide to join our community (you won’t regret it it’s truly AMAZING….and NO I am not being biased! I call it how I see it). I wish you all could’ve seen my actions when I said “I call it how I see it” I was snapping my fingers and popping my lips.. in my head (LOL!).


Now that that’s over…..


Let’s talk about me.


Yes that’s me up there. I did my own eyebrows 😀 Oh by the way imagine that this is a caption.

If you haven’t noticed I absolutely love to make jokes and have fun. I absolutely adore every aspect of the fashion world and everything that it has to offer. I have been in my industry, the fashion industry, for over four years now (two years in retail and two years as a freelancer and business owner. Where has the time gone?). I have no kids so you can imagine that my business IS my baby as well as my credit, apartment, boyfriend, and car. I know this is as nerdy as it gets but I love to write, do secretarial work, read, and learn on a consistent basis. I also have a passion for marketing. I am running out of things to say so I will tell you that I hope to be a dog mom in the near future to two cute little fur babies and that I am a proud Gemini Gem (my birthday is June 13th). That is all that I have for now, but feel free to connect with me anytime I enjoy talking to strangers and making new acquaintances (trust me I need some!). You can find my social media outlets on theabout mesection of this website or on See you later!


#StyleChat: Based on what you now know about Styledbybreyana does it sound like something you would be interested in or willing to support? Why or why not? Let me know in the comment section.

Wardrobe Styling

The Pros of Hiring A Fashion Stylist

Many people do not know the true purpose of a Fashion Stylist. They think they are strictly for the entertainment business or the fashion industry when in fact they are accessible to any and everyone. No matter how fashion savvy you think you are everyone needs a little refresher here and there. Below I hope to inspire you as well as open your mind to the idea of hiring a Fashion Stylist.

The Pros of Hiring A Fashion Stylist:

  1. We have the skills, mindset, and professional set of eyes needed to create looks for you that you have never thought to create for yourself. We offer a fresh perspective on fashion which is key to making sure you feel like a new person.
  2. We teach you techniques that will last a lifetime. Knowing when to catch sales, where to shop for the cheapest clothing, and how to shop on a budget are just a few of the techniques you can learn from a session.  Applying at least one technique can have a huge impact on your style which, in turn, will allow you to be open minded, cautious, and versatile when shopping. Hint: these skills will save you money in the future.
  3. No matter what you will always come out on top. Whether you need a stylist for a particular event or you need a couple of sessions to get you back on track you will always win no matter what. I have never seen a Fashion Stylist do poor work (okay I take that back!). Majority of stylists do an excellent job styling their clients. Assuming that you will make the right choice, you’ll have people saying Beyoncé who in no time. The world will be your runway girl.
  4. You do not have to do anything. You do not have to do anything except maybe fill out paperwork, answer some questions, and talk about yourself (how hard is that?). We will do all of the hard work for you (shopping, running around town, calling stores, matching pieces, taking measurements, etc.). Then to top it off we will lay out our final decision(s) and the worst thing you will probably have to do is try them on. Please note that some stylists do allow clients to shop with them I know I do. 
  5. More Free time. Doesn’t everyone wish they could have more time to do whatever it is that they please? Of course they do. When you hire a stylist no more will you have to be late going to work or an event. No more will you have to stress about what you are going to wear. No more will you have to wreck your brain trying to figure out how to change up your style. You have someone that will do all the thinking and work for you. This is especially good for entrepreneurs, moms, and for those who are always on the go. This allows you to focus on what matters to you the most while still allowing you to look polished while doing it. Never neglect your appearance (that’s like rule number one in the style handbook)!
  6. You have a friend. This would be more so directed to clients who use a stylist regularly. Eventually after spending countless hours together primping and agreeing to disagree, you and your stylist should have developed somewhat of a relationship (I hope!). This could be great for you. Not only will you have an awesome stylist who gets you right every single time, but you will also have a new friend to add to Facebook and possibly your contact list (because lets face it only important people get saved in the contacts now days).
  7. You have bragging rights. You can now tell your friends, strangers, and family members you have a stylist. You can now say things like “eh, I don’t know what I will wear to the party. I’ll have my stylist put something together for me.” How cool is that? No one will openly admit it but that is pretty boss (trust me, i’ve heard someone say it about me and I was like that is dope).
  8. It is a great way to restore confidence. Confidence takes time to build up and only a matter of seconds to tear down. Some of you reading this blog post probably feel as if you do not know where to start when it comes to getting dressed and others may have no motivation for their appearance at all. This is why it is vital that you set up a consultation with a stylist. What you view as flaws a stylist can turn into assets. What you think can not be done a stylist can do. Our job is to enhance the beauty that you had in you all along. You’d be surprised what one session can do!
  9. There are no strings attached. We can be permanent or temporary regardless we are a benefit to you. Whether you decide you need a stylist for one or two events or for a life time you are the one reaping the benefits. Think about it, if you only need a stylist for one event you won’t have to stress about what to wear or how you are going to find certain items. All you have to do is handle your other daily activities and we can handle the image part. Just be ready to receive. If you are looking for a permanent stylist you are getting a platinum package deal! You are getting a friend, teacher, and access to a wardrobe makeover whenever you want or need. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and have three outfits already laid out for you?
  10. Your look will be different from everyone else’s. No one likes to be caught wearing the same thing. Somehow you just know when a person has a strong fashion sense or has been styled by someone who does because they always stand out. You almost can’t take your eyes off of them but you have to because its weird to be staring at a stranger. Although it may not be the flashiest outfit or the most expensive looking outfit something sets them apart from everyone else. Wouldn’t you like that to be you? Here is an easy remedy: start looking up Fashion Stylists! If you don’t know where to start looking I have open availability for local (Nashville, TN) and out of state clients. You can view my services here.  If money is tight but you still need fashion help, I recommend signing up for our email list we offer free weekly fashion tips to the members of our community.

#StyleChat: After reading this blog post and getting a better understanding of Fashion Stylist and we what do (and can do for you) what are your thoughts? Are you considering hiring a Fashion Stylist? Let me know in the comments.